Pine Computing Company

Pine Profile

PCL is a technology solutions provider that is committed to adding immediate and long-term value to our clients’ businesses. We are technology pragmatists. We believe that an organization’s technology initiatives must support its business objectives. We innovate in order to find the simplest solutions to complex problems.
PCL helps our clients use technology to meet their business objectives. We understand that our clients’ needs vary from industry to industry, and from organization to organization. Our consultants combine domain knowledge and technical experience to help clients clarify and prioritize their goals and success criteria, and to develop IT strategies and plans that meet their complex needs

Typical areas of consultancy include

  1. Requirements definition
  2. Systems architecture
  3. Technology selection and planning
  4. Business process analysis and reengineering
  5. Business intelligence

PCL designs, develops, and maintains custom applications. Because most of our clients have unique business needs that are not sufficiently met by packaged products, our solutions are typically custom-built or extensively tailored. Our expertise in various platforms, products, and programming languages enables us to design and develop the most appropriate and flexible solutions for each of our clients.
We engineer powerful technology solutions from enterprise systems, to innovative devices that increase productivity, drive financial savings and create competitive advantage

We specialize in creating customized networks, from small local area networks (LANs) to large wide area networks (WANs). We interface the workstations and servers with hubs, switches and routers providing Internet access, remote access and company-wide E-mail services
We offers complete tailored-made IT solutions in the areas of software Development, web design and e-Commerce. Our unique combination of creative, technical and business problem solving skills helps clients to meet your business objectives
All PCL web hosting services offer the reliability of high website uptime and our commitment to technology investment that gives all our customers the best possible online solutions. That means visitors to your site will find it whenever they need to

Our Do-It-Yourself approach allows you to build a hi-impact website and online store without requiring programming skills or web design experience. You can even configure your corporate email accounts there. Make changes anytime and anywhere through your Internet browser
PCL’s 360-degree immersive images offer viewers the sensation to navigate a scene in any direction,
zoom in and out as they choose. This interactive imaging experience increases buyer confidence and adds a new dimension to online imaging. Multimedia-enhanced immersive images grab viewers’ attention and givie them the visual information they need to purchase items online